Best ChatGPT Plugins for Content Marketing

ChatGPT has been used increasingly in every field in the digital world. ChatGPT has incredible opportunities, especially when it comes to content marketing. Content marketers are trying to discover how to use ChatGPT for quality content production.

As a result of our research, there are very valuable ChatGPT plugins that you can use for content marketing. The OpenAI plugin store currently has 580 ChatGPT plugins. The platform promises to increase the number of add-ons to 1000 quickly. About 70% of Openai ChatGPT plugins are considered new. So these plugins allow us to explore the uncategorized directory of ChatGPT. Up to 10% of Openai ChatGPT plugins can benefit content marketers.

In our article, we will explain many ChatGPT plugins that can be used in content marketing. As a content marketer, you can choose the plugin and manage your content marketing processes with ChatGPT plugins.

Plugins That Can Be Used in Content Research

If you are going to do content research, there are many ChatGPT plugins you can use. You can use these plugins in an intuitive goblet-based interface. Plugins assist you in the data extraction and analysis process. You can develop many content ideas with unique ChatGPT plugins that you can use in content research. You can also learn more from our article on AI comparison ChatGPT vs. Google Bard vs. Bing if you find ChatGPT plugins insufficient.

Poll the People

Do you need market research for your industry? Are you looking for ideas for a survey you will do? The Poll the People plugin will help with market research and survey navigation.


If you are looking for sensitive and up-to-date information in many fields, Jini is the ChatGPT plugin to help you. Thanks to this add-on, you can find news articles and get accurate information on many topics you are curious about. You can search for information in many formats, such as images, videos, apps, melodies, and web content.


Among the ChatGPT plugins, you can access scientific literature from Liptmaps. You can find all scientific content in a vast amount of literature. At the same time, you can quickly learn information by creating visual mind maps with this plugin.

MixerBox Scholar

If you are searching for academic content, you can use MixerBox Scholar as a free and reliable source. Here you can quickly discover all the scientific articles and find all the scientific papers on the subject you want.

ML Paper Reader

If you are going to research machine learning, ML Paper Reader will present it to you in an accelerated way. With this plugin, you can quickly scan articles and PDFs related to the topic you are looking for. In this way, you can find the information you want in a very short time.

You can view the latest research articles from PubMed in your area of interest.

Penrose Analyst

With this add-on, you can examine international news in detail. You can also do extensive research on scientific articles. You can easily find all the articles on


The Public plugin allows for a comprehensive financial review and research on asset valuations. At the same time, the most breaking news and the most comprehensive analysis are done with this plugin. You can do live and archival research using this plugin.

Research by Vector

If you are looking for a practical resource while doing academic research, the Research by Vector plugin can be helpful. With this plugin, you can also research many subjects, such as the relevance and accuracy of information.


If you are doing content research in finance, DAIZY may be your choice. Here you can find stock and cryptocurrency content ideas. You can also track performance metrics and make risk assessments. You can also learn about investment strategies and portfolio evaluation using this plugin.

Scholar Assist

The Scholar Assist plugin offers access to research papers within ArXiv. With these articles, you can do scientific research and find answers to all your questions. This tool allows you to access over 40 million articles and review scientific PDFs. You can also facilitate citations with reference managers.

Tabor AI

It is an add-on allowing you to access rich data and analytics of about 35 thousand communities and 9 thousand operators in the United States. This plugin gives you authoritative insights and is a very functional plugin.

This plugin creates a simple Arxiv ID, and you can easily find answers to all your queries about scientific articles. You can view scientific articles side by side and quickly find answers to all your questions.

Video Highlight

This plugin allows you to do content research on videos. You can search between shared and personal videos on Youtube. This add-on allows you to review research, discovery, and interaction videos.


It allows you to find authentic articles on ArXiv quickly. It will enable you to browse through abstracts and bibliographies. You can get access to PDF URLs with this plugin.


You can find the answers to the pointed questions by reviewing the scientific articles in Arxiv.


Science, one of the ChatGPT plugins, allows researchers and students to access over 250 million scientific articles. Among these scientific articles, you can reach the content you want.

Plugins That Can Be Used in PDF Analysis

If you want to do artificial intelligence-oriented content research, there are ChatGPT plugins you can use for this. With these plugins, you can do artificial intelligence-oriented text extraction, text summarization, and interaction querying. With these plugins, you can analyze PDF documents in detail. In this way, you can quickly gather insights from intense content.

Access PDF & Docs

You can query PDF plugins, summarize the content and ask the questions you want. You can use this plugin by entering the Google Drive link.


Ai Pdf plugin allows you to verify with page references. You can review even extensive PDF documents with interactive dialogs in seconds.


You can also review your PDF documents with this plugin and find the answers to the questions you are looking for. You can also make critical information understandable.


You can quickly review comprehensive PDF books or Google Drive documents by sending a link to this plugin.


You can experience text reading on a document with this plugin. It lets you easily extract text from scanned PDFs, photos, or handwritten notes.

Link Reader

With this plugin, you can find links from YouTube videos to PDF files, PPTs to images, and Word documents to web pages.

MixerBox ChatPDF

If you need more time to review PDF files and generate content ideas, the MixerBox tool will do it. It examines the PDF files and reveals all the details you want.

Skipit AI

This plugin allows you to collect contextual data from many URLs, such as Youtube, websites, and PDF files.

This tool can provide one link to content from PDF documents, YouTube videos, and web pages.


If you are looking for ChatGPT plugins that can do many things like web page, PDF analysis, and QR code generation, this plugin can be Universal.


You can use the WebPilot plugin to examine web pages, PDFs, and data in detail. With this plugin, you can quickly produce articles derived from one or many URLs.

Plugins That Can Be Used in Video Analysis

If you want to produce video content and carry out content marketing through videos, there are AI plugins you can use for analysis. You can review our list of ChatGPT plugins, where you can check video content and find valuable ideas in video analysis.

Video Highlights

This plugin can review and interact with YouTube videos and your video recordings.

Video Insights

This plugin lets you interact with online video platforms like Daily Motion and YouTube. It allows you to review all the videos on these platforms seamlessly.

Video Summary

You can create summaries from links to YouTube videos and reveal a summary of those videos.

With this add-on, you can interact with many online video platforms such as Zoom, BiliBili, and YouTube. Thanks to its practical use, it provides a wide area of video interaction.


This plugin allows you to ask AI questions about the video by simply entering links to YouTube videos. In this way, you can analyze the videos and make detailed reviews.

MixerBox ChatVideo

You can handle content from YouTube videos thanks to the MixerBox plugin. You can ask any questions about video content and get practical answers.

With the video link, you can shorten the content of web pages, PDFs, or YouTube videos. Moreover, you can experience the new range with a free preview.


You can reveal the content of trending videos on the YouTube platform and examine them in detail.

Plugins for Content Creation

You can spend a short time creating text, images, or multimedia content. You can also take advantage of AI when creating content. We will offer several plugins that make the content creation process creative for you;

Argil AI

You can learn a little technical detail if you want to create visual content. With the Argi AI plugin, you can create your images in seconds.

Charts By Kesem AI

You can create original graphics with this plugin to enrich your content with pictures. It is a plugin that allows you to create graphics how you want.

Content Rewriter

When you enter a web page URL, the plugin rewrites the text therein for you. In a short time, you will have original and quality content.


This plugin also gives you imposing ideas for a sales text adapted to the URL or web page you submit.

Code Runner

Among the ChatGPT plugins, Code Runner is compatible with around 70 programming languages. You can create visual charts and graphs using this plugin. You can also edit the codes of your content and add them to your archive.

Diagram. am

If you want to create visual content, this plugin allows you to generate a lot of content, such as graphs and charts. Moreover, the use of the plugin is efficient.


You can create the diagrams with this plugin using, networks, or matplotlib.

Cloud Diagram Gen

This plugin is an unofficial AWS plugin. It offers you the chance to create diagrams with cloud architecture.


The Draw plugin is invaluable for turning your ideas into visual diagrams. You can uniquely design, edit and flex your creative ideas into engaging content.


You can use the Eraser plugin to create diagrams with code and natural language.


This plugin is a video creation platform with the latest technologies. You can easily create the videos you want with this AI plugin.


With this plugin, you can comment on the content and thus make it more relevant to your topic.

Mermaid Chart

With the Mermaid Chart editor, you can create unique diagrams. You can also enhance your existing diagrams.

MixerBox ImageGen

With Dall, you can design artificial intelligence images.

My Writing Companion

With this plugin, you can find and hire authors who are far away. This way, you can produce engaging, error-free, and quality content. Moreover, this plugin gives you complete control over the authors.


This plugin will allow you to rewrite and amplify your text content.

Show me Diagrams

Thanks to this plugin, you can easily design the diagrams you want in the chat interface and make detailed edits.


Another ChatGPT plugin that will let you pour your ideas into diagrams. This plugin allows you to create charts with chat.

Speedy Marketing

It is a plugin that you can use as a versatile marketing tool for your e-commerce sites, Shopify store, or many startups. This plugin lets you easily design the necessary content for your SEO blog posts and social media accounts.


It is an add-on that allows you to quickly turn stock images and different scenarios into impressive videos with the desired features.


You can design visuals designed over texts. Moreover, you can create slogans on images that will impress people.

Plugins That Can Be Used For Content Optimization

ChatGPT plugins can optimize content to make your text SEO-friendly and increase its readability. With these plugins, your content optimization processes are elementary.


You can adjust the size of your images with this plugin. You can also make the pictures understandable. Pixellow plugin lets you add comprehensive captions and descriptions to images.

To strengthen your online presence, you must improve your content marketing strategies. For this, you can use the plugin in your content.

Plugins That Can Be Used in Content Promotion

In content marketing, promoting is as essential as writing an article. If your content reaches large audiences, it will work. For this reason, we will share openai ChatGPT plugins that you can use to promote your content and deliver it to a broad audience.

Content. app

With this plugin, you can simultaneously send your content to many platforms, such as Twitter, WordPress-based websites, YouTube accounts, Shopify, and Medium.


It is a plugin designed specifically for content marketers. With this plugin, you can use many features such as text messages, WordPress, SSH Command Execution, and e-mail.

Perfect Chirp

This plugin lets you turn all your ideas into tweets shorter than 30 seconds.

WordPress Publisher

The plugin lets you post your content directly to your WordPress blog and publish it practically.


ChapGPT plugins provide businesses to find content ideas and produce content in content marketing. You can quickly analyze and rewrite many types of content, including online video applications such as PDF, Text, Visual, and YouTube.


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We briefly explained the ChatGPT plugins we offer you with their general features. You can find the most suitable plugin for your goals and needs and use it in your content marketing processes for different purposes.

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