DALL-E 3 Now Available In Bing to Create Realistic AI Images

Microsoft integrated OpenAI’s advanced DALL-E 3 text-to-image model into Bing Chat and Bing Image Creator for users to produce more realistic and diverse AI images for free.


  • DALL-E 3 text-to-image model is integrated into Bing Chat and Bing Image Creator.
  • Users can produce more realistic and diverse images.
  • DALLE-3 is free to use.

Microsoft announced the integration of DALL-E 3, the latest text-to-image model from OpenAI, to all Bing users. This more advanced AI image generation system is available for free in Bing Chat and Bing Image Creator.

Microsoft stated, “The DALL-E 3 model from OpenAI delivers enhancements that improve the overall quality and detail of images, along with greater accuracy for human hands, faces, and text in images.”

DALL-E 3 Performance

DALL-E 3 is powered by a deep neural network that can produce realistic and diverse images from natural language prompts. DALL-E 3 builds on the success of previous models by offering the following performance enhancements:

  • Prompt Following: DALL-E 3 understands user prompts with even more precision and reliability than previous models. The more information you feed DALL-E 3 in the image prompt, the more refined and relevant the final image will be.
  • Coherence: DALL-E 3 generates images that are more photorealistic than other models for a varied set of prompts.
  • Aesthetics: DALL-E 3 can generate images that are creative and artistic with unique styles based on the user’s prompt details.

DALL-E 3 Example Images

Prompt: create an image of a kitten leaping through the grass, action photography

Prompt: generate an image of a smiling woman on a busy street wearing a red hat in the 1950s

Prompt: generate a photorealistic landscape of the Grand Canyon with 3 hot air balloons in the sky off in the distance

DALL-E 3 Safety Measures

Microsoft has implemented measures to ensure safety with all images created with DALL-E 3 AI technology, including digital watermarking of all images and content moderation filters.

  • All AI-generated images created by Bing Image Creator feature an invisible digital watermark adhering to the C2PA specification. The watermark includes the creation time and date and verifies its AI-generated provenance to trace the origin of the created image.
  • A content moderation system removes any DALL-E 3 images that are harmful or inappropriate based on a training system that follows Microsoft Bing’s terms of service and community guidelines. This ensures AI-generated DALL-E 3 images avoid nudity, violence, hate speech, or illegal activities.

Trying Out the New DALL-E 3 Image Creator In Bing

Bing Image Creator is free to use and accessible through Bing Chat or Bing.com/create.


Microsoft has integrated DALL-E 3 text-to-image model into Bing Chat and Bing Image Creator. Bing users can produce more realistic and diverse AI images for free using the new DALL-E 3 system. Safety measures have been put into place, such as watermarking and moderation filters, to trace the origin of all created images to prevent inappropriate images from being generated according to Bing’s terms of service and community guidelines.

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