GA4 Report Customization Course Announcement

It’s been a while since the shutdown of Universal Analytics (UA) was announced. Now it has been replaced by Google Analytics 4. There are a lot of questions and panic related to how you can efficiently use this analytics tool to get the data you want. Well, worry not cause now you have the GA4 report customization course. You will get all the info related to this course in this announcement post.

What Was The Need To Create This Course?

Ever since the shutdown of UA was announced on 1st July 2023, there have been ripples of panic all across the SEO industry. A lot of websites didn’t even set up their GA4 property before the shutdown was announced. On the other hand, a lot of marketers didn’t know much about how it works.

The way data is processed in GA4 is different, the way dimensions and metrics are presented is different, and overall, retrieving data from both is very different.

I have set up my GA4 ever since I bought this domain ( and funnily enough, I am more comfortable with GA4 than UA. With this power, I explored the world of custom reports one day. I got to know how easy it is to make reports and get the data you need.

I taught a few people about it and this made me realize that this knowledge can help a lot of people in using this analytics tool efficiently. This realization led to the birth of this course.

Although there are a lot of courses related to GA4 in the market, there isn’t a lot of material when it comes to creating custom reports. There aren’t a lot of use cases where the custom reports would help you make your reporting easier. That’s where this course comes in.

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What Are The Things Included?

On a high level, the course contains 22 videos. The total time to watch is ~3 hours.

These are all the modules included in the course.

  1. Course Introduction
  2. Overview of GA4 reports
  3. User Acquisition Report
  4. Traffic Acquisition Report
  5. Events
  6. Conversions
  7. Pages and Screens
  8. Landing Page
  9. Demographic Details
  10. Tech Details
  11. Making Reports Without a Template
  12. Assembling the report
  13. Set yourself up for success

The modules have one video where I give you the overview of what this report is about, and the second video is about making custom reports from scratch.

In the videos where I show you how to make custom reports, there are a few examples, and then a quick exercise. These exercises are based on real-world scenarios, and don’t worry, I also give you the solution to the questions.

Apart from this, there are slides for all the overview reports so that you can download and use them later. Also, notes are included in each video.

If you’re feeling stuck in the course, then you can join our private Discord community where you can get answers to all your questions.

All of this is for $150.

What Do Marketers Say About The GA4 Report Customization Course?

A bunch of awesome people reviewed the course and here’s what they think about the course.

Here’s what Josephine had to say about the course:

I’ve been in SEO for over 2 years, and what has fascinated me the most about this field is how ever-changing it is. I love researching and expanding my knowledge. However, even though I would love to have countless hours to devote to research, in reality, I don’t. Therefore, I often find myself torn between expanding my knowledge and getting enough sleep.

Diving into GA4 has been on my plate since 2022. I’ve attempted to learn more about it through various free courses and articles, but unfortunately, I frequently felt lost; the courses were either too time-consuming or too superficial. At that point, I realized I needed a course that could provide me with both a basic understanding and the skills necessary for my marketing profession.

Anyone working in marketing, especially in SEO, has likely encountered situations where they needed to secure additional budget or gain approval for initiatives. In my experience, nothing convinces a CMO or director more effectively than cold, hard facts, and what tool is better for that purpose than Google Analytics? GA4 is a powerful tool, but like all tools, its effectiveness depends on your ability to use it. This is where the GA4 Report Customization Course from Packted came to my rescue.

I had no prior experience with GA4, so naturally, I had reservations about the course being too advanced for me. However, those fears quickly subsided as the first module covered all the necessary basics you need. In addition to that, Preeti provided a very clear overview of GA4 Reports and a basic glossary as a handy PDF. Speaking of PDFs, Preeti has mastered the art of creating concise documents that convey all the necessary information. Needless to say, these PDFs have been my loyal companions ever since. The video content is divided into short, logical segments, which perfectly suit my busy lifestyle. With them, I was able to expand my knowledge of GA4 in short pockets of time without abrupt stops.

In conclusion, I can strongly recommend this course to anyone looking to effectively measure and present data with GA4. Thanks to Preeti, I went from hardly any knowledge to being capable of creating custom detailed reports in a matter of days.

Josephine Rudolf, Working student SEO and Content at Homeday

Here’s what Stevy said:

GA4 was a struggle for me as a new era and Preeti changed that. This course is a gem for those diving into Google Analytics 4. The step-by-step approach, engaging instruction, and hands-on practice make it a standout. It covers the latest updates, and the fact that the videos are short and comprehensive takes you from zero to pro. Highly recommended!

Stevy Liakopoulou, SEO Specialist at Search Magic

Here’s what Raquel said:

I found the GA4 Report Customization Course very complete. Since GA4 was implemented, I was looking for a course that could help me understand how to navigate through it, and that helped me customize reports based on my clients’ needs. Preeti went through all the important reports in detail, and also provided us with the course slides, making it easy to check some notes when needed. Definitely recommend!

Raquel González Expósito, Founder and CEO of Seoulful Translations

She also took my 1:1 SEO coaching, and you can also check out her case study here.

And here’s what Simon says:

It was very informative and a great introduction to getting to grips with GA4

Simon Cox, Technical SEO Consultant

Final Words

If you were feeling stuck with GA4 and didn’t know how to use it to get the data you want then this course is perfect for you. I will not only teach you the fundamentals, but at the end of the course you will have a holistic understanding of how you can create just about any report.

If you feel that this course is the one for you, then you can enroll here for $150

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